Thursday, March 4, 2010

transitstation 2010

top image: composed by Champagne Valentine 2009
bottom image: second transitstation stop Berlin 2005

4th transitstation stop Copenhagen 2010


Denmark / Scandinavia:

Nanna Lysholt-Hansen (DK), Robert Johannssen and Jan Hakon Erichsen (DK/NO), Jørgen Callesen and miss fish, Christian Van Schijndel and Prafix Aztech (DK), Stine Marie Jacobsen & Body Lotion And The Bloody Hands (DK), Charlotte Grum (DK), Julie Galsbo (DK), Sofie Holten (DK), Samina Bazai (DK), Claus Jensen Haxholm (DK), Iris Smeds (S), Malene Dam (DK), ANU (IN/DK), Mute Comp: Kasper Ravnhøj and Jacob Stage (DK),


Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith aka Seven of Eglise (D), Alexander Rues aka Eru (D), Jasmin Möller (D/NL), Sun Ok Yoon (D/KR), Akasha Project (D), Muhannad Zidan (SY/D), Markus Schaller (D), Barbara Kowa (D), Motom (D), B. Ashra (D), Alice Masprone and Bianca Januzzi (IT/D), Eva Foerster (D), Jules Buchholtz(D), Andreas Kothe (D), Bernhard Winkler (D), Gry Bagøien (DK/D), Jacob Kirkegaard (DK/D)


Francesca Cho (KR/UK), Ailie Rutherford (UK), Natalie Bikoro (UK), Samantha Sweeting (UK), Ian Stephen (UK), Peter Urpeth (UK), Muriel Macleod (UK), Alex Patience (UK), Paul Jamrozy and Cunnington (PL/UK), Dave Lando (UK), Rupert Cheek (UK), Aaron McCloskey and Dan Gorman (UK), Zsuzsanna Gyetvai (Hun/UK), Rebecca Marshall and Nichola Bruce (UK), Jennifer Williams and James Iremonger (UK), Kimbal Bumstead (UK), Marcin Warnke (PL/UK), Kate Moyse (UK), Chien-Ni Hung (TW/UK), David Ferrando (ES/UK), Robb Mitchell (UK), Ana Godinho de Matos (PT/UK), Caitlin Tebbit (UK)

other European Countries

Paulina Plizga - France/Poland, Blaise Merino - France, Christina Georgiou - Cyprus, Gina Landor - Bosnia-Herzegovina/USA, Sanja Miljevic - Norway, Rita Rodriguez-Garcia - Spain, Iv Toshain - Austria/Bulgaria, Charlotte Merino – France, Stathis Tsemberlidis – Greece, Andrea Pagnes, Verena Stenke - Italy


Katsunobu Yaguchi - Japan, Chanh Hong – France/ Vietnam

transitstation Copenhagen 2010

Exhibition as Event

Action in Art in Action in Art in Action in Art

transitstation Host City Partner, Mikkel Bogh, Kunstakademiets Billedkunstskoler,

Kongens Nytorv 1, 1050 Kobenhavn K

A 24-hour non-stop action weekend will take place at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Festsalen. 60 Artists of different nationalities and with various cultural backgrounds will visit Copenhagen and meet their 22 Danish Artist Colleagues to present their work and to engage in the programme of non-stop art in action in art.

Saturday 17 April 12 pm until midnight

Sunday 18 April, 12 pm until midnight,

Monday 19 April transitstation EduAction Day 4 – 9 pm

Interviews, Artists talks and discussions, practical workshops, artist food

Event strategies: „mixed-interdisciplinary event“, international and expanding cultural event on tour through European countries with contemporary, Experimental music, Classical music, Sound Installation, Fashion, Poetry, Dance and Theatre, Film and Projection, Performance Art, Interactive Live Art, Live Music and Projection

The idea of event is based on the interactive presence of the spectator. The artwork exists and unfolds in real time with an understanding for a three-dimensional and separate object, in this case, a scaffolding structure. The nature of scaffolding is transitive; it will always exist with the implications of its 'temporary' nature. The scaffolding, within an interior space (the gallery or site-in-situ) represents a state of in-between, denoting the absence of beginnings and endings. Scaffolding, the sculpture of transitstation dominates the space with its static presence throughout each of the events.

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